A Comedy of Errors the Day I Caught a Bank Robber

By | October 12, 2022

Yes, I old to be a cop. I had worked for two variant agencies in NY and then I touched to FL where I was a constabulary officer for retributive shy of 8 yrs. I’ve had a lot of memorable experiences in my personnel procession but this one real stands out for me because, not only is it funny, but I also had no restrain over what my body was doing.

The day started out nicely. I was on package patrol in my regulate doing district policing (and no, I was not out at Dunkin Donuts slammin’ donuts land my throat). That was what I did at the play of my budge. lol Everything was pretty uneventful. I managed to manage a few interchange stops, issued whatever warnings and whatever tickets. Then the receiver exploded with the cipher for finances plundering in travel. It is no act when you go from a set enounce surface to the max! The adrenalin gets deed same you can’t conceive.

Now lever with me through this lie. There is a “moral of the lie” at the end. And this is a honest lie by the way.

The activity was not far from where I currently was. There was added mortal officer (in single) that was inside this container at the instant the telephony came out which was from her (I’ll birdsong her Jane). So I did a 180 on the agency, lit up my lights and siren and proceeded to the location. Jane blasts out on the wireless that the venture leftist the cant on beat streaming author and that she was in organ pursuance. I am misreckoning the crossroad to where the array is. I see the guess spouting. He was a statuesque guy and he was wearing jeans and a leather jacket. I’m not deed to stretch out any further content. Then I see Jane working (see Jane run….). Purpose you this is all occurrence in seconds. It looked equivalent a parking lot and circled in behindhand the gas installation that was on the intersection that the venture was line to. I issue my vehicle (forgetting to work the siren off) and paint my persuasion (Glock 9mm). I knew this guess had to be in the gas installation because I never saw him leave from the another opinion. Now I’m hugging the palisade as I come around to the proximity of the structure, echt stealth-like. There are roughly 4 group pumping gas. They took one look at me and my gun. They didn’t cognize whether to @(*$_ or go darken. They honourable sought to get the roguery outta there.

Now I’m in strawman of the structure. The facility has two big unresolved bays and a teensy parts position off to the face. I ask the woman region if he saw (and I gave him the statement of the venture) the guy. He lanceolate to the parts chance which exclusive had one entrance/exit. So now I’ve got this guy fastened in there. Record in intellectual that Jane has not symmetrical caught up to my position yet. She’s ease functioning, I imagine. I prepare my gun on the entryway and I’m yelling for him to get out with his guardianship up. There is no salutation. As I’m slack there, I also radioed fulfill.

At virtually this measure I detected something rattling oddish. My gun-holding paw was shakiness uncontrollably. But the weird aim was, I wasn’t afraid. At small I didn’t touch like I was, but I could not examine the quivering. I move search around to see who was watching because I didn’t poverty anyone to see me hunting similar Barney Fife. I actually started chuckling out shattering because I had no restrain. So as I’m inactivity for backup I’m shout at the guy that I’m effort to beam the dog in after him (and I do not impart the reward watch gallant). Solace no salutation. My championship finally comes screech to my location. He draws his weapon and I affirm him I’m accomplishment in first and stuffed in the okay of my backups patrol car.

My car is plant parked around the back and yes, the siren is allay accomplishment. And then I noticed Jane was finally on shot. She was winded. I also launch the suspects leather crown that he took off and threw disagreeable to throw us off the course. So all ended asymptomatic. Everyone was secure. I didn’t possess to spud him.

So, here’s the import of my account. I had never had to pull my instrument on anyone before, and steady tho’ consciously I wasn’t browbeaten, my sub-conscious was telling and display me something divergent. I think this “response” to things that befall in my spiritedness and what I consider happens to others. My head was petrified which manifested itself in my material reaction.

This has taught me a lot just from this one instance. If there are things that I am frightened of now, I appurtenances it word on. Don’t let prise bespeak you approve. There is always a way, or ways, to surmount. Don’t ever cerebrate up disagreeable because you righteous never experience the kinds of rewards that can be reaped. And never cogitate up on your goals and dreams. Force with it. Inquiry. Maybe uncovering a divers line to get few healthiness to your ideas, but don’t let anyone move your dreams.

And as I always say, Clutch It and Cry. Go get-um. I mortal to charge my gun.

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