“Blessed are the Clean of Heart” – An Original Poem

I have crossed myself with the staff
Of the Seed of Jacob, my Lord and my God,
And I have been baptized in the Jordan with my Christ.
Oh God, deal well with me, Your servant,
Though I am not worthy of the least
Of all Your mercies or of Your Truth.

Deliver me, oh Lord, from the hand of my enemies
And from them who encircle me, Oh my supreme Joy,
Teaching me to keep my treasure on earth for moths and rust.
But You, oh God, deliver me and purify my heart,
For You said, “I will surely treat you well
And make you as the angels in the resurrection.”

Enable me, oh Lord, to wrestle until daybreak
That I might be filled because I hunger,
That I might receive Your blessing,
That I may see Your Face.

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