And Then We Sang -An Original Poem


The start of May without the rain,
A Paschal day when children play,
Across the grass we took our rest
Feasting as God’s children, blest.
I met her there and learned her name,
“Christ is risen” in May we sang.

In time to pass we shared a meal,
All my old wounds had then been healed,
And in her hands I put my heart
And in a moment set apart
Her for me, and loved her name.
Together we were, and then we sang.

A sacrament, a mystery,
A sacred bond in which to be
Eternally wound up in love
And searching out the Father’s Dove,
Here in time she took my name,
Bound as one flesh. And then we sang.

Self-sacrifice, self-emptying,
A larger family meant to be
A cross, a joy. We work as one
Until a crown for us is won.
And when grandchildren had been named
One voice with all, indeed we sang.

And in that time which comes to pass,
God’s glory fully here at last.
True love rewarded with radiant bliss
Those gone before never more to miss,
Those who bear God’s holy name,
We all forever sang and sang.

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