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February 2017

Domenico Fetti - Sleeping Girl

As She Sleeps (Another Preacher’s Wisdom) – an original poem

Oh dear feather, falling so gently,
As wind is faint and the sun is hard.

How did you find me?
And how did you make your way to me to comfort my soul?

For such days are drudgery and pain, full of sorrows
(And such that you may never believe).

For these, my bed, my grave, is my only consolation.
The sun is slow, the moon so quick.

And without aid and alone have I had to fight.
Without a companion, I travel with tears.

To limits I’ve stressed my mind,
And with many labors I toiled in vain.

With no enemies around me and at peace with all
Yet, not a friend I find in my need.

But I sit in peace; silence, my good friend,
And you, dear feather falling, keep me company.

Rest, feather, rest,
For the breeze begins your journey again soon.


-As She Sleeps (Another Preacher’s Wisdom)
an original poem inspired by a woman sleeping during a lecture on Ecclesiastes.